For more than 30 years, Eric has been an high-energy, articulate resource for print and electronic media. Eric has written hundreds of magazine articles, appeared on numerous TV and radio broadcasts and podcasts, and his techniques and photos have appeared in many publications including Rock & Ice, Climbing, Outside, DeadPoint, Men’s Health, Fortune, Men’s Journal, Muscle Media, Muscle & Fitness, Paddler, Urban Climber, Parents, Wall Street Journal, Experience Life, Outdoor 4X, and National Geographic Adventure, as well as European magazines such as Escalar, Alp, Climax, and Climber. He has co-authored one research paper “Behavior analysis and sport climbing”, Journal of Behavioral Health and Medicine, 2010, with Dr. Richard Fleming. Below is an incomplete list of published articles and books.

Magazine Articles:
Ergogenics: Performance Nutrition for Climbers, Rock & Ice #20 (Jul/Aug 1987)
The Extra Edge: Mental Training, Rock & Ice #24 (Mar/Apr 1988)
Profile: Eric J. Horst, Climbing #109 (Aug 1988)
Bellefonte Climbing (feature article), Climbing #113 (Apr 1989)
Happiness Is A Big Pair of Guns (Personalized Training), Climbing #116 (Oct/Nov 1989)
The Complete “Pull Workout”, Climbing #117 (Dec/Jan 1990)
Getting A Hold on Contact Strength, Climbing #118 (Feb/Mar 1990)
Mental Training For Climbers, Climbing #120 (Jun/Jul 1990)
Making Movies: Visualization Techniques for Climbers, Climbing #121 (Aug/Sep 1990)
Mental Muscle: Creating Your Ideal Performance State, Climbing #122 (Oct/Nov 1990)
All’est Qualcosa Di Nuovo (New River Gorge feature), Alp #77 (Spain Sep 1991)
The New River Gorge, Sport Climbing Connection (Fall 1991)
Safe Harbor Mini-Guide, Rock & Ice #51 (Sep/Oct 1992)
New River Gorge Mini-Guide, Rock & Ice #52 (Nov/Dec 1992)
Flash Training Newsletter (writer/editor: Spring 1993 – Spring 1994)
Finger Board Workouts, Climbing #159 (Mar 1996)
Performance: Examining Your Discipline, Rock & Ice #75 (Sep/Oct 1996)
Performance: The Pleasure of Pain, Rock & Ice #76 (Nov/Dec 1996)
Get Fit For Summer: Climbing Stronger in 10 Weeks, Rock & Ice #91 (Mar 1999)
Smart Training: A 60-minute Workout for Weekend Warriors, Rock & Ice #94 (Aug 1999)
Performance: Getting The Most Out Of A Simple Home Wall, Rock & Ice #95 (Oct 1999)
Old Rag: Mid-Altantic Granite Climbing, Rock & Ice #107 (Apr 2001)
Mental Wings: 8 Mental Training Strategies, Climbing #206 (Aug 2001)
Bubba City: Booming Again (Mini Guide), Rock & Ice #113 (May 2002)
Mental Wings Pt. 2: Thinking Out of the Box, Climbing #212 (May 2002)
Training Tech Tip: Learning a Pull-up, Climbing #227 (Feb 2004)
Training Tech Tip: Slowing the Pump Clock, Climbing #232 (July 2004)
Training Tech Tip: Developing Core-Muscle Strength, Climbing #236 (January 2005)
Ask the Expert: Eric Horst, Urban Climber Magazine #3 (February 2005)
Lowdown: Governor Stable Comp, Urban Climber Magazine #5 (July 2005)
Tech Tip: Training at the Crags, Climbing #242 (September 2005)
Tech Tip: Finding the Performance “Zone”, Climbing #244 (December 2005)
Workshop: Indoor Climbing Drills, Urban Climber Magazine #8 (January 2006)
Tech Tip: Hypergravity Training, Climbing #245 (February 2006)
Campus Power: Training to Improve Contact Strenth & Power, Dead Point #1 (October 2008)
Five Keys to Effective Training this Winter, Dead Point #2 (December 2008)
Indoor Climbing Drills to Improve Technique & Skills, Dead Point #3 (February 2009)
10 Tips for Your Best Climbing Ever!, Dead Point #4 (April 2009)
Getting Into the “Send Zone”, Dead Point #5 (June 2009)
Problem Solved! 3 Tips to Deciphering Crux Sequences, Dead Point #6 (August 2009)
Beating the Pump: Endurance Training with Climbing Intervals, Dead Point #7 (October 2009)
The Fantastic Four: 4 Must-Do Exercises, Dead Point #8 (December 2009)
Welcome to Conditioning: 3 Killer Workouts, Dead Point #9 (February 2010)
Fear Factor: 5 Strategies for Managing the Fear of Falling, Dead Point #10 (April 2010)
Just Sending It: 10 Does and Don’ts for Redpointing Your Project, Dead Point #12 (Sept. 2010)
Climbing Personality Quiz: What’s Your Story?, Dead Point #13 (Nov. 2010)
No Limits! How to Break Performance Plateaus, Dead Point #14 (Feb. 2011)
Winning! 5 Steps for Success When Climbs Get Tough, Dead Point #15 (June 2011)
Flying Without Dying: Risk Management to Save Your Arse, Dead Point #16 (Sep. 2011)
Captian Crunch: 3 Exercises for a Crushing Grip!, Dead Point #17 (December 2011)
Training with Long-Duration Isometrics, Dead Point #18 (March 2012)
Kid Crushers – Training for Youth Climbers, Dead Point #19 (July 2012)
15-Week Program to Elevate Your Fitness, Dead Point #21 (January 2013)
Projecting 101 – How to Send Your Proj!, Dead Point #23 (July 2013)
Entrevista: Eric Hörst, Escalar #48 (December 2013)
Hard Core for Hard Climbers, Dead Point #27 (April 2014)
10 Simple Tips to Climb Harder, La Sportiva “Open Up Some Awesome Vol. 2” (Summer 2015)
Climbing In The Big Horn Mountains, Outdoor X4 #5 (Fall 2014)
Smashing Plateaus, Dead Point #30 (January 2015)
Introduction to Rock Climbing, Outdoor X4 #17 (Summer 2017)
Cómo Reducir el Riesgo De Lesión en Escaladores Jóvenes, Escalar #108 (July 2017)

Research Paper Published:
Behavior Analysis and Sport Climbing, Journal of Behavioral Health and Medicine, 2010, with Dr. Richard Fleming.

Books & Audio Programs:
Chickies Rock (A Climbers’ Guide), out of print, 1980
Flash Training (How to Rock Climb Series), Chockstone/Falcon Press, 1994, 1997, 2001, Out of Print 2003
Campus Power (A Guide to Campus Training), out of print, Nicros Inc., 1995, Out of Print 2003
How To Climb 5.12 (How to Rock Climb Series), Chockstone/Falcon Press, 1997, 2000
Rock Climbing: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland (A Climbers’ Guide), Falcon/Globe Pequot Press, 2001
Training For Climbing (How to Rock Climb Series), Falcon/Globe Pequot, (2002) Out of Print
How To Climb 5.12 – Second Edition Falcon Press (2003), Out of Print.
Mental Wings: A 7-Step, Life-Elevating Program for Uncommon Success (80-min audio CD) November 2003
Bubba City: A Climbers’ Guide to the New River Gorge, WV E2 Publishing (September 2003, October 2006)
Learning To Climb Indoors (How to Rock Climb Series), Falcon/Globe Pequot, (July 2006)
Masters of Rock – Vol. 1: Chris Sharma, Steph Davis, John Gill (80-min audio CD) September 2005
Conditioning for Climbers (How to Rock Climb Series), Falcon/Globe Pequot, (May 2008)
Training for Climbing, 2nd Edition, Falcon/Globe Pequot, (September 2008)
Maximum Climbing: Mental Training for Peak Performance and Optimal Experience, Falcon/Globe Pequot, (April 2010)
How to Climb 5.12 – Third Edition, Falcon/Globe Pequot, (Nov 2011)
Learning to Climb Indoors – 2nd Edition, Falcon/Globe Pequot, (December 2012)
Rock Climbing: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland – 2nd Edition (A Climbers’ Guide), Falcon/Globe Pequot Press, 2013.
Training for Climbing, 3rd Edition, Falcon/Globe Pequot, (August 2016)
The Rock Climber’s Exercise Guide, Falcon/Globe Pequot, (January 2017)