Books-sidebar-HTC512 The performance guidebook to the higher grades!

In the sport of rock climbing 5.12 is a magical grade. Looked upon as the door to the elite levels of difficulty, 5.12 is believed by many intermediate climbers to be out of their reach, but that’s where How to Climb 5.12 comes into play. This performance manual dispels the myth surrounding 5.12 and teaches average climbers that they can achieve heights previously considered the exclusive domain of the full-time climber.

How to Climb 5.12 can help intermediate climbers make the physical and mental jump to advanced climbing ability. It offers streamlined tips and instruction on such critical issues as cutting-edge strength training, mental training, and climbing strategy. How to Climb 5.12 is the perfect manual to guide you on the road to mastery and to help make the trip as short and enjoyable as possible!

Inside you’ll find a self-assessment test to optimize your training, techniques and drills for accelerated learning of climbing skills, exercises for building strength and endurance, strategies for managing fear and building confidence, and tactics for on-sight climbing and working redpoint projects.

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Stuck at a certain level in your climbing abilities? Can’t seem to move from 5.9 to 5.10? Tired of listening to advice that doesn’t work? Then this book will get you out of your rut…and FAST. Eric covers everything to move you to your first 5.12: training techniques, workout schedules, power training, mental exercises to focus, build confidence, and motivate, climbing strategies, even nutrition! Every serious climber should have this book.

How To Climb 5.12 packs a lot into a slim book. A great first training book and a good addition to any training junkie’s book shelf. –Rock & Ice Magazine

Well Researched and right on!
–Lynn Hill, World Cup Champion and first women to climb 5.14

Eric Horst is a writer whose books are concise, informative and easily digestible. How To Climb 5.12 isn’t just for those who are experienced in the sport, but also offers a great deal to those just starting out as the principles are very scalable.
–Deadpoint Climbing Online, United Kingdom