When it comes to climbing-specific training equipment, not a lot has changed over the last 25 years. The hangboard and campus board have prevailed as the best training tools for serious rock climbersand rightfully so, as they are extremely effective at increasing finger flexor muscle contact strength and endurance. But what about vital, yet often overlooked, aerobic energy system training of the climbing muscles?

Introducing Endless Rope!

Endless Rope has been in development for several years, but the 2018 version is perfection…and I’m happy to endorse it as a highly useful training tool for climbers. In the video above, I demonstrate  several novel Endless Rope protocols for training power, strength endurance, and—importantly—aerobic endurance in the large pulling muscles that are so important in climbing. And it is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many other valuable training modalities, including antagonist, rehabilitation, and warm-up protocols, in additional to a powerful interval training protocols for targeting and strengthen the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.

Best of all…unlike the old school ceiling-mounted climbing ropes, Endless Rope’s variable resistance makes it fully scalable so that climbers of all levels can train strength (short sets with high resistance) or endurance (longer sets or sprint intervals with low resistance). A digital display enables you to track the time, speed, and length of rope pulled—important for tracking your training and improvement…and to compete against your friends and teammates!

An Endless Rope unit will round out any home climbing or commercial gym (climbing-specific aerobic trainingfinally!), and it’s an essential training tool for gyms with youth teams and speed climbing competitors. Scroll down for specifications, pricing, and ordering information.

Specifications & Ordering Information

Endless Rope is a commercial-grade exercise machine that’s up for any challenge you or your members can come up with! Materials specifications:

  • Frame: Welded tubular frame constructed with 1.5” schedule 40 steel pipe. The elegant simplicity of the design provides maximum strength and rigidity for heavy use while minimizing weight making it easy to move. The installed weight is ~100lbs with a height of ~9 feet.
  • Rope: Through years of testing and experience we have found our 3 strand Poly/Dac rope to be the ideal rope (skin-friendly) for the speed work that is unique to the Endless Rope.
  • Paint: The frame is powder-coated to provide the most durable finish possible. It is not only attractive and easy to clean but resistant to scratching, chipping, and UV degeneration.
  • Warranty: Welded frame: Lifetime. Motor/Valve: 10 Years. Electronics: 4 Years. Drive Wheel: 4 Years. Rope: 1 Year. Labor: 1 Year

Retail price ranges from $2,000 – $2,600 depending on the number of units purchased and the shipping destination (contiguous  USA). For more information and a price quote, please contact Eric or Lisa Hörst using this web form.

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