Force Board Portable is the future of training!

Force Board is a smart, weight-free strength training system for climbers, physiotherapists, and anyone else desiring to engage in isometric strength training.

For rock climbers, Force Board gauge is a game-changing digital testing and training rig that accurately measures finger force, pull-muscle strength, deadlift strength, among other important metrics. The Force Board App allows you to track your gains over time, and offers follow-along training protocols by top coaches for training finger strength, anaerobic endurance, and aerobic endurance.

The Force Board Pull Up System ($299) is elegantly designed, simple to use, and ultra portable. You can take the Force Board gauge ($169) and your favorite portable fingerboard with you to the gym, boulders/crag, road trip, or vacation for training anywhere you want!

The Force Board App (installed on your phone) will display your instantaneous force, peak force, and duration. It will archive your data, take you through workouts, and track your gains!

Watch the Force Board in action in this Pitch6 video >>

Train and Track Using the Force Board App

  • Build and perform complete strength-training routines
  • Live visual and audible feedback
  • Show and share recent workouts
  • Track your progress over time
  • Free and Pro versions available

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