If you occasionally struggle with the fear of falling, then this video is for you!

Surely the fear of falling is most acute among beginner and intermediate climbers; however, even advanced climbers and the pros experience a bit of falling fear from time to time. The fact is…fear is an important self-protective response—the goal, then, isn’t to eliminate fear, but to manage fear…which is the focus of this video.

My Lithuanian friends, Dei and Ben, have created a series of excellent YouTube videos (called “Day in Nature“) with the common theme of exploring the fear of falling. I was happy to join Dei and Ben (and their YouTube channel viewers) for this online coaching session, in which I answer their fear-related questions and share a variety of mental training tips to better manage fear and advance their climbing ability. I trust you’ll find Dei and Ben’s passion for climbing as contagious as I do…and, of course, I hope you’ll discover some nuggets of “gold” that address your unique vertical-world concerns and fearful experiences.

Ultimately, learning to expertly manage fear is a long-term endeavor—there are no quick fixes—and so I hope my nearly 1.5 hours of coaching in this video will help kick-start your journey to becoming a more confident, in-control, and courageous climber! For a more in-depth study of fear-management, improving concentration/focus, and other mental training techniques check out the books Maximum Climbing and MASTERMIND.


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