In terms of physical attributes, increasing relative peak finger force is central to taking your climbing to the next level—think of this as the finger force you can apply to a rock hold in relation to the body mass the fingers must support.  Improving this finger strength-to-weight ratio is possible by increasing the numerator (greater finger strength) and decreasing the denominator (lowering body mass).

While there are many different fingerboard training methods/protocols/programs (some good, some bad) in the public domain, this podcasts will present four evidence-based protocols that work. Experienced climbers, with no recent history of injury to the fingers/elbows/shoulders, can employ one of these maximum-grip-strength protocols on a twice-a-week basis as supplement to time spent climbing. Aggregate number of climbing and finger training days per week must not exceed four—resting the fingers a minimum of three days per week is essential for neuromuscular recovery and finger tendon remodeling. Break this rule and you’ll likely end up “broken”….in one way or another.

Podcast Rundown:

1:14 – Review of 5 reasons why stronger fingers are central to taking your climbing to the next level

4:24 – Intro to maximum finger strength training on a hangboard

4:50 – Importance of “Relative Peak Finger Force”

10:10 – 3 Hangboard training modalities

13:33 – Training protocol 1: “Minimum Edge”

19:14 – Training protocol 2: “Maximum Weight 10-second Hangs”

25:20 – Training protocol 3: “7-53 Weighted Hangs”

32:00 – Training protocol 4: “7/3 Repeaters”

41:00 – How to fingerboard with good technique…to protect & strengthen your shoulders.

45:05 – Hangboard training program design – How to integrate your with your other workouts and performance climbing.

53:00 – Closing comments

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