What makes great climbers great?

What are the distinct and rare character traits that make climbers like Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold, Margo Hayes, Adam Ondra, and Alex Megos (I call this group “CHHOM”)and others like themthe barrier-breaking and transcendent climbers that they are?

You might be thinking of things like “strong fingers”, “low bodyfat, and “excellent sponsorship”. Surely these are part of the equation, however, I believe the true Superpowers of these climbers are things you can’t measure with a fitness test or financial summary.

In this podcast I present 8 Superpowers of the very best climberstraits you can develop (gradually) to achieve great success on the rock and in your everyday life. I hope you find this presentation enjoyable and empowering! (If so, please share a link to this podcast with a friend…and consider writing a review. Thank you!)


0:58 – Introduction

2:50 – What does it take to turn an elite climber into one of the very best climbers on the planet?

8 Superpowers of the Very Best Climbers

5:28 – #1: Becoming comfortable with physical and mental discomfort.

11:53 – #2: Uncommon self-awareness and the willingness to embrace failures and personal weaknesses.

16:00 – #3: Effective goal setting and a habitual bias for action.

21:37 – #4: The power to sacrifice greatly.

27:00 – #5: Maintaining a beginner’s mindset despite being a highly praised elite climber.

34:56 – #6: The power to handle failure and overcome adversity.

38:30 – #7: The power to handle their “addiction”.

45:44 – #8: The power NOT to care what other people think.

50:00 – Summary of the 8 Superpowers of the very best climbers.

51:15 – Do you have a #9 or #10 superpower to suggest? Leave your comment on Eric’s T4C Twitter @Train4Climbing

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