Learn the mindset and a system for achieving the next level (in anything!)

Are you ready to rethink what’s possible in your climbing life? There’s a good chance that your perceived limit is actually a self-imposed imaginary boundary!

Once again this month, I present an episode of Training Cafe, my twice-monthly video Livestream coaching show on YouTube and Facebook live. The main topic delves into pursuing next-level projects…and the importance of challenging your inner fears of failure and criticism, just like pro climbers do.

Now is the time to think bigger…develop a system…and execute your plan with uncommon discipline!.


2:57 – Beginning of TRAINING CAFE. Main topic is “Turning Impossible into I’m Possible!”

3:12 – But first, we sip coffee together!

3:30 – SHOUT OUT to Chuck Odette, age 64, for sending 5.14b last week! #Legend

4:20 – What it takes to climb hard late into life.

5:20 – MAIN TOPIC: Turning Impossible into I’m Possible

6:10 – Setting goals is easy. Developing an effective SYSTEM for progress towards the goal is harder….and maintaining long-term discipline is even harder yet!

6:55  – Examples of IMPOSSIBLE becoming POSSIBLE…big or small, they can be life-changing.

8:45 – Einstein’s quote must be followed by action!

9:50 – Climbing examples of “I’m Possible”!

11:00 – Ignore the skeptics…don’t take on their #Loserthink!

13:20 – High achievers don’t spend a lot of time on social media, gossip, or other time-wasting activities.

14:20 – Need to be somewhat of a compulsive planner.

15:00 – Have a vivid picture in mind every day–build a belief in the goal, and action for bias…and a “get shit done” attitude.

18:50 – Breaking into a new grade in climbing…demands a new level of thinking and novel, disciplined action. Learn from greats like Gullich, Ondra, Hill, Janja Garnbret, Margo Hayes. Learn more about the 8 Superpowers of the very best climbers!

20:20 – Great achievements don’t happen by accident!

22:30 – Final tip for your Fall climbing season….


23:40 – Question: Training suggestions for trip to Red River Gorge in December.

26:26 – Question: Can I combine Repeater hangboard training with another exercise like Pull-up training? More on hangboard training >>

29:06 – Question: What is “Aerobic Power”? How to train it? Learn more about aerobic power here >>

33:14 – Question: Thoughts on bouldering with weight on as training?

36:09 – Question: How to break a hangboarding finger strength plateau?

38:33 – Question: Can I do shoulder and core training every day?

40:50 – Question: Will taking Beta-Alanine benefit my training and climbing?

43:20 – Question: Can I use the 7/53 maximum strength protocol to train a variety of grip positions? Watch video >>

47:00 – Question: What training advice for a 13-year-old girl wanting to improve to 5.11? More about youth climber training >>

48:09 – Question: How to incorporate technique-training into weekly strength-training schedule?

53:03 – Question: How to deal with naysayers, critics, and trolls?

56:30 – Episode wrap-up. Shout out to the many companies that support what I do: La Sportiva shoes, Maxim Ropes, DMM, Organic, Friction Labs, and PhysiVantage




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