Learn seven end-of-climbing-season mistakes that you don’t want to make! Launch into a new training cycle healthy, motivated, and with a game plan to reach your goals!

Becoming aware of common training mistakes, seasonal traps, and/or counterproductive behaviors that climbers commonly succumb to can save you a lot of time and energy, elude setbacks and unintended consequences, and perhaps even avoid injury. Launch into the New Year healthy, motivated, and with a plan for reaching your training and climbing goals!


00:43 – Intro to 7 End-of-Climbing-Season Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make (by Dwight Schrute, kind of!)

01:40 – Learn a powerful decision-making mantra to help avoid gross errors in training, risk management, and more!

03:28 – Mistake #1: Not taking an inventory of the past year’s successes (and not counting your blessings).

05:42 – Mistake #2: Not analyzing the causes of your climbing shortcomings and/or setbacks.

08:14 – Mistake #3: Ignoring your end-of-season aches and pains.

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16:14 – Mistake #4: Not engaging in a brief “deload” period of reduced training intensity and/or frequency.

18:12 – Mistake #5: Taking a nearly total break from all training and climbing for many weeks or months.

21:45 – Mistake #6: Putting on a “Winter 10” (i.e. ~10 pounds of off-season weight gain).

25:20 – Mistake #7: Not setting a few compelling climbing goals for the new year…and not developing a training program and system for reaching those specific goals.

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29:48 – Bonus Mistake to Avoid Making: Engaging in holiday “party tricks!”

31:00 – Closing comments and Eric’s Best Wishes for the Holiday and New Year!

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