In this empowering New Year’s podcast, Eric details effective strategies for uncommon success in climbing and any other high-value life activity or mission.

Learn 3 essential steps for departing onto a road less traveled—a journey defined by intentional daily action that yields rapid progress, while avoiding common “black holes” that can consume time, energy, and focus…and rob you of your future greatness.

“To outperform the masses, you must do things they don’t do!” — Coach Hörst


0:30 – Introduction — Happy New Year! Let’s make 2022 a great one!

1:00 – Why most people fail with their New Year’s Resolutions and goals.

2:40 – My unpublished book manuscript “Mental Wings” — about how all performance is brain-based…and begins with the quality of your thoughts.

3:50 – My most powerful published book is “Maximum Climbing”. Available from and

5:00 – I’m passionate about inspiring you…and helping you become the best climber you can be…and to see you live your dream life!

6:30 – What are the biggest factors…and limiting constraints on your progress in climbing (and other life endeavors)?

7:50 – Your THOUGHTS are EVERYTHING! Who and what controls your thoughts minute by minute?

10:45 – Exercise: List 5 or 10 things you would attempt to do if you were assured you could not fail?

11:25 – Exercise: Create a list of things you fear…bad habits…and other things that are holding you back…tethering you to living in a state of status quo.

12:30 – STEP #1: Change is a MUST! All improvement in climbing (or life) begins with a decision that change and improvement is a MUST!

13:20 – Creating leverage for making the (painful) changes that are essential for leveling your situation.

16:00 – The “Feed-Forward” Exercise…for identifying a meaningful step to take TODAY to advance you toward your goals.

18:30 – Mental Wings principle: “To outperform the masses you must do things they don’t do.”

24:10 – The power of becoming a “practical non-conformist”.

29:30 – Step #2: Set compelling goals.

31:00 – 6 steps for effective goal setting…and achievement!

34:30 – Introducing PhysiVantage Europe! We are proud to partner with the EPIC-TV shop to bring performance nutrition to European climbers.

36:15 – Step #3: Make Every Day Count

38:00 – Enjoy this moment—every moment!—because this moment is a piece of your life that you’ll never get back.

39:20 – Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day?

42:35 – What are your time black holes?

45:00 – Exercise: Track your time use (from waking up) for at least 3 days. Be accurate in documenting your “time-wasting” activities?

48:00 – The importance of developing a personal time-management system. You must not just let your day unfold without intention…and a schedule for taking some meaningful action towards your goals.

52:10 – Concluding thoughts…and wishes for your grand success in the New Year! If you loved this podcast, PLEASE write a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts and SHARE this podcast with a friend!

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