What’s it take to climb your first 5.13a?

In this episode, you’ll hear my recommendations for a training client (Ryan Devlin) as he closes in on completing his first 5.13a, an athletic Red River Gorge classic named “The Force”.

This is a follow-up to episodes #86 and #91, in which I coach Ryan through the process of training for and working on his first-ever 5.13. You will hear where Ryan is at with his project. You’ll learn some of his struggles along the way…as well as a recent big breakthrough. With winter on the approach, the clock is ticking on this send season…and Ryan knows it!

Lean into this podcast and learn what actions, exercises, and strategies you might take and apply to your training for the next goal or grade, whatever it may be!

(Photo above: Ryan Devlin on “The Force”, by Rachel Melville.)

This episode is a collaboration of Ryan’s “The Struggle” podcast and my Training For Climbing podcast. I hope you enjoy it! Listen to and subscribe to The Struggle Podcast here >>


This episode is a collaboration and co-branded The Struggle and Training For Climbing podcast. I hope you enjoy it! Listen to and subscribe to The Struggle Podcast here >>

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