Do you want to level up in climbing…and across the board in your life?

Many folks use the fresh start of a new year to set some goals and make course corrections in important life areas. I’m one of those people…and since you’re visiting this website, you probably are too!

Towards this end, this T4C podcast episode transcends climbing performance…and aspires to increase human performance. I will present to you 15 powerful strategies and concepts that have shaped my MO in climbing and life over the past 30 years…and I trust you’ll find this information empowering and actionable in your own quest to level up your performance in climbing, career, and beyond!


0:15 – Greetings and Happy New Year!

0:50 – Use the new year to evaluate your life across the board…and make course corrections!

3:20 – Introduction to Eric’s “Mental Wings” concepts and strategies

5:02 – Overview of human performance — YOU, dear listener, are far more powerful than you can possibly imagine!

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14:30 – 15 Mental Wings concepts and strategies for Uncommon Success and Happiness

16:30 – #1: Your quality of life is directly related to the quality of your thoughts

18:15 – #2: Human beings are the embodiment of unused potential.

19:00 – #3: To outperform the masses, you must do things they don’t do.

21:10 – #4: Clarity of values and goals, and a clear purpose for living form the foundation for a life full of rich, transcending experiences.

22:10 – #5: Risk is a precursor to reward.

23:15 – #6: Almost anything is possible once you conquer fear.

26:12 – #7: Singular focus and indomitable persistence knows no limits.

27:30 – #8: Obstacles and adversity make you stronger.

29:55 – #9: A fit body potentiates a fit mind.

30:20 – #10: Life is subtle—sweat the small stuff!

33:47 – #11: Your future is largely determined in the brief moment between stimulus and response (in any activity).

35:15 – #12: Maintain a dynamic, evolving life process by reinventing yourself from time to time.

36:55 – #13: Enjoy this moment—this moment is your life.

37:47 – #14: Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe.

38:20 – #15: In the final analysis, you are mostly self-made.

40:25 – Summary thoughts — please share this podcast with a friend…or on your Social Media. (Thanks!)

42:00 – Send off!

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