In this episode of the Training Cafe, Coach Hörst talks about how to use the winter training season most wisely for climbing improvement and how to best handle holiday festivities as an athlete. He also answers viewer questions on preventing powering down while projecting, types of edges for finger training, coaching young kids, and more!

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1:40 – SIP COFFEE together — Climbers around the world unite!

2:15 – Winter training thoughts

3:30 – Why climbers should avoid taking extended time off

5:30 – Use the winter to help heal aches and pains 7:30 – Strength and power training

11:30 – Climbing-specific aerobic training

16:00 – Power endurance training

18:30 – General cardiovascular training

20:00 – Approaching holiday festivities

22:00 – Your questions answered!

22:30 – Retaining power during projecting

27:00 – Tips for coaching young kids

30:00 – Thoughts on uneven metacarpal edges versus conventional edges for finger training

31:00 – Assessments to start the training season

36:00 – Closing thoughts and happy holidays!

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