In this episode of the Training Cafe, Coach Hörst talks about how you can continue training during periods of injury rehab/recovery. He also answers viewer training questions on developing work capacity, climbing while sick, adjusting a training program when recovering from an injury, and more!

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0:30 – Introductory comments from home

1:30 – Topic of discussion: Training around (not through) injuries

2:30 – How climbing exerts wear and tear on the body

3:30 – Strengthening soft tissue to withstand more stress

4:30 – Climbing “around” versus climbing “through” an injury

11:30 – Eric’s current experience with finger injury management

13:30 – Shoulder injuries

17:30 – SIP COFFEE together — Climbers around the world unite!

19:00 – How can improving work capacity help limit injuries?

24:00 – Training while sick 27:00 – Managing synovitis

28:30 – Adjusting a training program while recovering from an injury

34:00 – Complications from compensations in movement from injuries

39:00 – Final comments and happy climbing!

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