In this episode of the Training Cafe, Coach Eric Hörst digs into running and aerobic training for climbers. Is it of any benefit? If so, how does it support climbing performance? He then answers viewer questions on power-endurance training, Daily Undulating Periodization training, supplements for climbers, and more!

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0:30 – Introductory comments from home

4:20 – SIP COFFEE together — climbers around the world unite!

4:40 – Post-training protein for recovery

5:25 – Scheduling multiple workouts in a day

5:40 – Value of running and other aerobic training for climbing (and different types of climbing)

16:00 – Relationship between V02 max and climbing

24:00 – Climbing-specific aerobic training

28:00 – Your questions answered!

28:30 – Importance of V02 max for climbing

29:30 – Power-endurance session planning

36:50 – Training plan for a bouldering trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

38:50 – Daily Undulating Periodization training versus Mesocycle training

41:50 – When to use EndureX

45:00 – Glucosamine and chondroitin supplementation for joint and tendon health

48:20 – Final comments and happy climbing!

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