In this episode of the Training Cafe, Coach Hörst talks training and lifestyle modifications for taking advantage of the new year as a chance to shatter the ceilings of the last.

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:30 – Reintroduction to the Training Cafe

1:30 – Sip coffee together — Climbers of the world unite!

2:20 – Update on Eric’s training season and home gym system

3:15 – Why athletes should change up their training methods each year for the sake on ongoing improvement

4:15 – Eric as evidence of the longevity climbing can offer

4:40 – Tip #1: Boulder more!

6:55 – The value of systems walls and interactive climbing boards like the Kilter

8:45 – When to stop climbing when training on boards or hard boulders in order to prevent injury

9:00 – How to structure a board or hard bouldering session and include it in your training week

10:50 – Tip #2: Do more motility work!

12:30 – Why mobility in the morning helps power your whole day

13:00 – Tip #3: Plan out your weekly climbing training schedule ahead of time

13:50 – How good time management makes a difference in your training

14:40 – Tip #4 – Nail your nutrition!

16:00 – Consider limiting alcohol

19:40 – Fleshing out your diet with whole foods

21:00 – Tip #5: Incorporate more discipline in your life!

21:30 – How body awareness can prevent injuries

24:30 – Eric’s best lessons from his time with some of the world’s strongest climbers like Alex Megos

29:00 – Closing thoughts, until next time!

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