Learn how to train more effectively by avoiding common training tangents and by focusing your training on 10 time-tested exercises and activities.

There are myriad exercises, activities, and sports that climbers engage in with the belief it will elevate climbing performance. For the typical climber, however, most of the climbing-performance benefits come from just a handful of exercises and activities that they do.

Consider, dear listener, everything you do in the name of training–how beneficial is each activity and exercise?

In this podcast, Eric discusses common training tangents, traps, and energy sinks, and he details 10 time-tested exercises/activities that are central to effective training for climbing.

Podcast Rundown

4:10 – Opening comments about effective training for climbing.

4:45 – Importance of keeping an open mind about your training.

6:42 – Mention of the 8 Superpowers of the very best climbers — go back and listen to podcast #37!

9:00 – Intro to 4 training tangents, traps, and energy sinks that rob you of time and energy…and dilute the quality of your training for climbing.

10:06 – You CAN achieve greater things than you can imagine today!

10:40 – #1 Training Tangent: Focusing on exercises and activities that create fatigue and consume time, but do little to really enhance climbing performance.

15:44 – #2 Training Tangent: Blindly copying another climber’s workouts and training program.

17:22 – #3 Training Tangents: The shiny, new object at the gym…that is fun, engaging, and possibly high-tech…that consumes a lot of your focus and time but provides small (or negligible) performance gains given.

20:30 – Comments about the benefits of Auto-Regulation. Listen to podcast #20 for more coverage of Auto-Regulation.

25:00 – Comments on Blood Flow Restriction training – learn more in podcast #40.

28:00 – #4 Training Tangent: Constantly changing up your training…never sticking to a program for a month to be able to accurately gauge the results.

30:30 – Eric coaches you to “Plan your workout, then work your plan!”

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35:08 – 10 time-tested, back-to-basics exercises and activities that are central to effective training for climbing.

37:24 – #1: Climb frequently!

39:30 – #2: Hangboard training!

44:15 – #3: Weighted Pull-ups

45:35 – #4: Frenchies

48:08 – #5: Bouldering and System Wall climbing

50:15 – #6: Route climbing

54:34 – #7: Bouldering 4×4 Intervals

57:42 – #8: Campus board training

58:40 – #9: Running (in moderate doses)

1:01:21 – #10: Flexibility training (lower-body focus for hip turnout)

1:05:22 – Final thoughts…


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