Learn 8 things to “get right” in order to climb your very best…and to help create more of those wonderful low-gravity send days!

Coach Hörst provides powerful tips for priming your body for peak performance in the days leading up to your weekend climbing. He also gives valuable game-day master tips for optimizing your performance and accelerating recovery at the boulders and crags.

Podcast Rundown

2:45 – Intro to 8 tips for fostering “low gravity” days.

3:40 – First, a few comments about the importance of reducing emotional “weight”.

4:35 – Tip #1: Arrive at the boulders or cliff truly 100% fresh — a rare thing among enthusiastic, hard-training climbers. Learn how to do it!

8:30 – Tip #2: Get your sleep and nutrition right both in the days leading up to your climbing…and while on climbing weekends or trips.

17:20 – Tip #3: Engage in a proper warm-up before every climbing day. Learn what things you should do…and how long it should take.

23:40 – Tip #4: Make the most of your day-one freshness and stoke. Should you invest your time and energy into onsight and flash climbing, or projecting? How much should you save of yourself for day two?

28:45 – Tip #5: Strive to “master” a boulder or route…not just thrash through and survive it. This is a rich topic that Eric drills deeply into…with many tips for climbing more efficiently and channeling your inner Ondra!

40:50 – Tip #6: Rest optimally between routes. Learn how long to rest between goes on your project boulder or route…and how you can accelerate recovery.

46:05 – Tip #7: Learn how to breathe more effectively. Yes, proper breathing (and brief breath-holding) is important!

53:53 – Tip #8: Eat and drink the right things and in the right amounts. Small things can make a massive different in your energy and climbing outcomes–this includes the things you eat and drink!

1:00:00 – BONUS TIP: Love climbing unconditionally! Enjoy each moment that you are on the rock. Let go of both past failures and thoughts of potential future outcomes. Trust the process! Let the send evolve organically…when it’s meant to be.


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