Welcome to the launch of the new Training for Climbing podcast! This is one full hour of rich training-for-climbing content, so you may want to take notes or listen to it twice! Here’s an outline of the show:

1:00 – Welcome to the new T4C podcast!
6:00 – Podcast overview…with a primary focus on effective off-season gym training
8:30 – Topic #1: Training program design
9:45 – Beginner training program tips
14:20 – Effective training for intermediate-level climbers
17:45 – Advance & elite off-season program design
22:15 – Periodization schemes
30:00 – Topic #2: The importance of getting stronger during the off-season
32:20 – How stabilizer-muscle training can make your fingers stronger
34:50 – Overview of hangboard and campus training for maximum strength and power development
36:30 – The “7/53” hangboard training protocol
39:20 – Weighted pull-ups training
41:00 – Complex training
42:50 – What about endurance training?
48:00 – Topic #3: How to make the most of your gym training time
53:30 – Two MOs of gym climbers
56:10 – 4 Tips for effective gym training
58:00 – What is “junk training”?
1:00:00 – Closing comments

Listen closely. Apply. GET STRONGER!

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Music: Misty Murphy.

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