This is a wonderful video by my friend, Hannes Huch, the brains behind the Cafe Kraft franchise. As a climber of 40 years myself, I’m always keen to promote to younger climbers the idea of climbing as a “life sport”age is no limit when it comes to recreating in the mountains or climbing in the gym. This video brings home this idea by showing a group of elder climbers who regularly visit the Cafe Kraft gym in Nürnberg. I trust you will find this video enjoyable and inspirational!

A note from Hannes: For the new year 2017 we serve this motivating gem out of our Café Kraft Media House today. It’s about the coolest boulder group that ever entered our gym: Blondie, Rudi, Horst and Herwig gather over 300 years of life and their passion for climbing is unbroken. These guys are real idols for us. They preserved their love not only for climbing, but for life in general. May it be the same for all of us. Have a great 2017: Do what you love and love what you. Happy new year!