Learn 5 powerful strategies for improving your climbing endurance, accelerating recovery, and leveling up your climbing.

Training to get stronger is good. Learning to climb more efficiently so that you can get the most out of the strength and power you currently possess is SMART!

So if you want to progress from good to great, then this podcast is for you!

Podcast Rundown

0:15 – Roll up your sleeve to receive the Hörst booster of Training For Climbing knowledge!

1:55 – Intro to becoming a more efficient climber with more endurance on steep terrain.

4:00 – Key point: When climbing near your limit, little things can make a BIG difference! Eric’s favor word in coaching: “nuance”!

4:47 – Improvement demands change. Welcome it.

5:35 – 5 strategies for slowing down the pump clock, improving endurance, and leveling up!

6:34 – Strategy #1: Strive to climb with more economy. Make it a goal to improve a bit each year. Practice new techniques…with a never-ending desire to learn and improve.

9:00 – Key point: Importance of reducing time under tension while grip near-limit holds.

12:38 Exploit Eric’s bi-modal approach to climbing steep, strenuous boulders and routes.

13:25 – When able, vary grip position throughout longer climbs.

16:17 – Climb more with hip turns, drop knees, back steps, and twist locks. On steep, difficult routes, try to void long sequences of “neutral” climbing.

20:43 – Strategy #2: Begin “micro resting” between hand grips on hard sequences. Encourage blood flow and maximize use of the aerobic energy system…so as to slow the drain of the finite  anaerobic reserve. Channel your inner Ondra!

25:15 – Strategy #3: Try to find a “thank God” rest on every hard route. Be creative. Experiment. Practice. Win more often…and punt less!

31:31 – Strategy #4: Use the “G-tox” recovery technique at rest positions on difficult routes. This will aid faster recovery compared with the standard dangling-arm shakeout.

38:00 – Strategy #5: Consume foods and supplements with nitrates…and other ingredients that improve circulation and enhance use of the oxidative energy system. Read more about Endure X here >>

46:50 – Summary of tips and strategies for improving your endurance and climbing harder!

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