What could be better than a one-hour Q & A with coach Hörst about all things training? 15 questions on a wide range of topics…and hopefully more than a few that will hit home with you. Enjoy!

Podcast Rundown

4:15 – Question: What advice do you have for returning to crimping after an A2 pulley injury?

7:35 – Question: What are your recommendations for incorporating some strength training in a my routine?

11:40 – Question: What do you think of post-workout cold-water immersion for reducing pain and accelerating recovery?

16:00 – Question: What can I do to prevent getting sowing-machine leg?

19:22 – Question: What are your thoughts on deadlifting for climbing?

25:25 – Question: What can I do to reduce chronic pain and stiffness in my neck muscles?

28:15 – Question: What vitamin supplements do you take?

34:30 – Question: What’s the ideal length of break between doing two climbing workouts in a day?

36:20 – Question: My project involves a lot of stemming–what can I do to train specifically for better stemming?

38:20 – Question: What finger grip positions do you recommend for training?

42:06 – Question: What the best strategy for pushing into the next level when projecting? Read more about effective projecting >>

46:48 – Question: What do you think of campus training for youth climbers?

49:09 – Question: Since I didn’t start climbing until age 35, how long can I improve in strength and climbing ability? Read more about climbing hard through middle age here>>

51:15 – Question: Do you agree with the idea that most climbers are already strong enough to climb the next grade?

53:25 – Question: Is there a vegan version of collagen supplement? Learn about a plant-based protein for climbers >>

55:15 – Question: When’s the right time for a new climber to begin some hangboard training?


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