Learn 10 common training mistakes that stunt progress in climbing, waste time and energy, and potentially contribute to injury. This is a must-listen impactful podcast for anyone wanting to take their training — and climbing! — to the next level.

“The best training program for you is one that you’re not currently doing.” — Coach Hörst

In this podcast, learn how to personalize and focus your training for better results by avoiding 10 common training mistakes!


0:20 – Introduction — the value of an end-of-season analysis and training program redesign.

3:16 – Mistake #1: Arriving at the gym and training without a plan

6:50 – Mistake #2: Copying Someone Else’s Training Program

11:00 – Mistake #3: “Groundhog Day” Training

17:58 – Mistake #4: Doing little or no sub-maximal climbing

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26:42 – Mistake #5: Not doing any generalized aerobic training

32:45 – Mistake #6: Doing little or no max-strength hangboard training

39:34 – Mistake #7: Not doing any antagonist and stabilizer muscle training

43:43 – Mistake #8: Getting drawn into a serious weight lifting, bodybuilding, or cross-fit style program

49:00 – Mistake #9: Ignoring (and training through) developing aches and pains

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58:00 – Mistake #10: Overeating…or undereating

1:08:40 – Summary: Eric’s closing comments on improving the effectiveness of your training and taking your climbing to the next level.
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