Learn about training techniques, nutrition tips, and an empowering mindset to counteract age-related loss of strength, endurance, and motivation!

In this podcast, guest Eric Hörst and host Heather Heynen discuss how to optimize aging and athletic performance through nutrition, supplementation, training, and more!

We dive deep into the research behind optimal protein amounts, protein timing, supplementation and optimizing training as we age.

Whether you’re a climber or not, you will gain detailed insight into how to eat, exercise, and move to age in way that provides vibrancy, energy, and continued optimal physical function, health, and longevity.

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0:00 – 3:30 – Sponsor statements and advertisements

3:40 – Introduction of this episodes guest, Eric Hörst.

4:10 – Eric’s backstory in climbing, training, coaching, publishing, family life, and being a climbing for life!

13:30 – Evidence-based performance nutrition…and the proven protocol for coupling pre-workout collagen supplement with training to support health tendons, joints, and skin.

19:30 – Whey protein for accelerating muscle recovery is best consumed post-workout.

24:30 – The concept of the “leucine trigger” for turning on muscle protein synthesis.

27:00 – Vegan climbers, such as Alex Megos, can benefit greatly from consuming a high-quality protein powder to reach their daily protein requirement as a hard-training athlete.

33:30 – Age-related loss of muscle size and strength.

34:40 – Is the RDA for protein adequate?

39:00 – The role of microbiome on nutrient absorption and health and wellness.

40:30 – The value of getting frequent blood work…for tracking changing hormone levels and other vital biometrics.

43:00 – Importance of sleep hygiene.

47:00 – Everyone should supplement Vitamin D-3!

52:00 – Training recommendations for middle-aged people. What’s more valuable, strength training or aerobic activity?

58:40 – Recommendations for losing weight?

1:02:00 – Is intermittent fasting good or bad for an athlete?

1:04:40 – Importance of getting an annual physical, especially after age 40.

1:06:30 – Be proactive with your health!

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