It’s been just over a year since Patagonia released the movie Rotpunkt: Alex Megos and the Advent, The Agony and the Art of the Redpoint.

Now, faster than Hollywood can crank out a hit-movie sequel, we have the dramatic follow-up video Rotpunkt: Bibliographie, documenting Alex’s historic send. 

Located at the Ceuse crag in the south of France, Bibliographie involves 100+ feet of overhanging power climbing on small holds with poor rests. The line was bolted more than a decade ago, and it has resisted attempts by some of the world’s top climbers.

Alex worked on the climb some 60 days scattered over the past three years. I witnessed Alex working on Bibliographie in the summer of 2018, and it looked, perhaps, impossible…

However, on August 5, 2020, Alex Megos proved it possible!

Watch him send Bibliographie in this excellent 17-minute video.

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