Margo Hayes burst onto the international climbing scene in 2017 with her ascents of La Rambla and Biographie (both 5.15a). Here in the America, however, we’ve known of Margo’s climbing achievements and impressive work ethic for years.

I first met Margo when she was a 14-year-old sending 5.13s. Over the next five years, Margo leveraged her natural talent, coaching (Robyn Erbesfeld), family support system, and hard-work ethic to launch her arc of improvement into the stratosphere with her breakthrough ascents in 2017.

I think that one of my strengths is believing that hard work can lead to success. –Margo Hayes

This wonderful CNBC video provides an intimate look at Margo’s goal-driven mindset, dedicated training, and try-hard attitude at the crags, as well as the important balancing role her family and hobbies play. It’s all of these things, integrated with steadfast dedication and intense belief, that represent Margo’s personal success formula.

I trust you’ll find this video as inspiring as I do. Watch it twice!

To discover more about Margo’s specific formula for success in redpointing Biographie (5.15a), read this T4C performance analysis.

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