In this episode, learn how to balance training with holiday activities (parties, food, drink, and “merry”!).

Also, a wide variety of viewer questions answered!


1:10 – Commune with coffee! Introducing SEND BLEND coffee! Learn more here >>

2:35 – SHOUT OUT: Julia Chanourdie (France) for becoming the 3rd woman to climb 5.15b…and Jordan Cannon (USA) for his 21-hour free ascent of Golden Gate (5.13b) on El Cap!

5:00 – MAIN TOPIC: Training through the holidays. How to eat, drink, and be merry while still training effectively and avoiding self-destructive behavior.

7:00 – 3 approaches to training and climbing through the holidays.

11:00 – The beauty of gray–playing the middle ground….in which you enjoy the holidays (and parties) but also engage in some serious training to improve your climbing into 2021.

13:10 – Remember, it’s far easier to eat 1,000 calories than it is to burn off 1,000 calories via exercise.

14:00 – Try to couple a big meal day (or evening party) with a hard morning workout beforehand.

17:45 – ************* YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! **********************

18:00 – Question: When is the right time to begin weighted hangs and campusing training?

21:35 – Question: How to return to a route with a good mindset after punting from above the crux?

23:05 – Question: How to best schedule Core/Ab training?

25:45 – Question: How to improve at campus board long reaches?

28:20 – Question: What do you use for crag snacks?

31:50 – Question: What’s your opinion of grades….and the importance of a climbing grade sent?

35:15 – Question: Advice for hangboard training at home during COVID lockdown #2?

37:30 – Question: What’s the value and best use of a 4-3-2-1 training cycle?

41:35 – Question: Can I do hangboard Repeaters along with max weight hangs?

45:10 – Question: Might your Endure X product help my lungs recovery in the wake of my bout with Covid-19?

48:25 – Question: Will wrist curls help with my wrist pain?

50:45 – Question: How to train to be a beast in 5 years…rather than short-term goals?

54:15 – Comments on diet and calorie needs for elite climbers.

59:00 – Question: How to campus train when training at home…without a campus board?

1:00:10 – Question: Is doing 12 max hangs a good finger workout?

1:01:15 – Question: What’s the importance of training core endurance versus core strength?

1:04:25 – Question: Getting into climbing around age 50, how long can my strength improve?


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