Learn the factors should you consider in deciding when to rest and when to climb while on a climbing roadtrip.

For many of us, Summer is the season of climbing roadtrips. Whether you’re venturing across North America, Europe, or Asia, visiting new climbing areas is a wonderful skill- and experience-building endeavor…and it will likely enrich your life and expand your brain in other ways as well.

In terms of climbing performance, however, one of the most challenging matters while on a roadtrip is managing fatigue. Specifically, you will awake each day and be faced with the decision of whether you should climb…or take a rest day.

In this T4C episode, I’ll detail the primary factors you should consider in determining how often you should take a rest day from climbing. The optimal climbing-to-rest-day ratio can differ greatly depending on your climbing goals, training history, age, and recovery ability, among other things.



0:14 – Welcome message.

1:30 – The value of climbing roadtrips

2:36 – Intro to optimizing your climbing day to rest day ratio while on a roadtrip.

The 4 primary factors that come into play in getting it right.

6:12 – Factor #1: The length of your climbing trip.

13:28 – Factor #2: The type of climbing you’re engaging in.

17:34 – Factor #3: Your age and recovery ability.

25:50 – Factor #4: The weather!

30:10 – Eric’s wrap-up and closing comments.

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