For many climbers, Autumn is the season of sending. Learn how to dial in your training to climb your best when it counts!

With the start of “send season” just 6 weeks away, this episode will describe a few keys for dialing in your training now to climb your best in October and November.

Lean into this podcast…and let’s prepare to SEND!


0:14 – Welcome message.

00:50 – Introduction to…6 weeks to send season!

2:57 – 3 key steps for effective training over the weeks until your performance season begins.

4:10 – #1: Identify your specific goal for the Autumn climbing season. Where will you mostly be climbing and what’s the physical nature of the climbing there? What’s your “super bowl”…that is, the most important project boulder or route?

8:42 – #2: Spend less time strength training and more time climbing! Over the coming weeks, taper off climbing-specific strength exercises and put down the heavy free weights until your next off-season.

12:25 – #3: Consider your body composition–is it currently optimal for climbing your best on steep boulders and long, overhanging routes? If not, what calorie-dense junk/pleasure foods can you reduce or eliminate until after send season is over? Consider running a few days per week to increase caloric expenditure and spin-up cardiovascular fitness (especially helpful for route climbers).

19:52 – Summary points

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