Lean in dear listener…and enjoy the most transparent Training For Climbing podcast ever!

In this engaging episode, Coach Eric Hörst shares an in-depth analysis of his climbing weaknesses…and he reveals the specifics of his program to train for gains in 2024. Eric presents 4 primary action items of his winter training program, and he provides an assessment of his progress as of the end of January.

One of Eric’s primary off-season training interventions is twice weekly Kilter Boarding. Eric details exactly how he uses this incredible training tool. He also outlines the importance of consistent aerobic energy system training, especially for route climbers, and he provides details on important changes he’s made to both his daily diet and sleep habits.


0:15 – Intro to the most transparent TFC podcast ever!

3:10 – The need to perform an end-of-season “gap analysis”. What needs to be done to reach big goals in 2024?

7:37 – The importance of willpower! And one of my favorite quotes: “The will to prepare for success is more important than the will of success.”

10:18 – Eric details his personal gap analysis — a very transparent examination of the things he feels are holding him back.

15:42 – Breakdown of the 4 Action Items in Eric’s winter training program.

21:20 – Intro to Eric’s winter training plan

22:17 – Action Item #1: Train to become a stronger, more powerful climber on bouldery sequences. Eric provides rich detail on how he’s employed twice weekly Kilter Board training to achieve this goal.

29:20 – Eric takes you through his typical Kilter Board workout….from warm up to cool down.

40:00 – Eric shares some of his Kilterboard videos on Instagram: @Kilter_ehorst — Follow Eric’s FA boulders on the Kilter Board app via his username: ehorst

40:45 – Action Item #2: Maintain climbing-specific and generalized aerobic fitness through the winter training season. Lots of important details here for route climbers.

46:05 – Pro climber Amity Warme’s incredible 2023 climbing season, finger injury, and rehab protocol and comeback story. Read a full article with details here >>

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51:30 – Action Item #3: Drop a few pounds of body fat…and get back to my “fighting weight” of previous years. Listen to Eric’s major dietary changes.

1:08:35 – Action Item #4: Improve my sleep habits…to optimize recovery, health, and wellness. Learn about Eric’s interventions and data gathering in this important area.

1:16:06 – Closing comments: Learn one of the key traits of top pro climbers that Eric works with or knows.

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