Train along with Jonathan Hörst as he takes you through a rigorous 5-minute plank training progression.

This advanced multi-plank sequence targets the anterior core, as well as the obliques and numerous hip muscles involved in hip flexion and abduction. And, as you will soon discover, your shoulders and scapular stabilizers will also get seriously worked!

For the maximum effectiveness, enlist a partner to place a weight plate, small backpack, or other 10- to 30-pound weight on your lower back intermittently throughout the progression (as demonstrated). This is a relatively strenuous progression, and it’s essential that you maintain good form throughout. If needed, take a brief rest on your knees mid-way through…then build towards doing the full 5-minute progression over several weeks of training.

Watch Jonathan’s previous video “4-minute plank progression” for a slightly easier workout with technical details and cues for proper planking.

Incorporate these plank sequences as part of your larger core-training programconsider supplementing your planks with some windshield wipers, leg lifts, and perhaps even a few sets of deadlifts and/or barbell squats. Do this three days per week, and you’ll rapidly improve your core strength and endurance…and, thus, improve your climbing movement efficiency, strength, and power!

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