As a change-up to my typical long-format, single-topic drill down podcast, I present to you the first episode of “Ask Coach Hörst”! Listen in as I answer 10 listener questions covering a wide range of topics from in-season hangboard training, training for big wall stamina, training to excel at climbing and another sport, and much more. Each question & answer runs about 5 minutes.

If you’d like to submit a question for the next, please leave it as a comment the pinned post on my Twitter @Train4Climbinginclude your first name, location, and years climbing.

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1:06 – Question #1. A student climber (5.13b) with access to a small university gym (45 degree wall & campus board only) wants to know about doing weighted hangboard training on a portable hangboard…and the pros/cons of training two consecutive days?

6:29 – Question #2. SoCal climber asks how to do hangboard training for “gains” when there’s year-round outdoor climbing…that is, no poor-weather off-season to do targeted training.

13:07 – Question #3. A climber with no access to a commercial climbing gym inquires how to train route endurance while only having a hangboard and campus board for home training?

19:20 – Question #4. How to best ramp up training for big wall stamina this summer season?

22:20 – Question #5. How to integrate a progressive overload hangboard training program with outdoor climbing for performance?

24:24 – Question #6. How much aerobic cross-training is too much…that is, what volume of aerobic training would it take to begin hindering climbing performance?

31:15 – Question #7. What to do during rest breaks between fingerboard or pull-up sets? Also, what about during rest periods between redpoint attempts?

37:47 – Question #8. How long does the “just go climbing approach” to improving climbing performance apply? At what point should a climber delve more deeply into intensive strength and power training?

42:00 – Question #9. How to best train for both rock climbing and mountain climbing?

45:42 – Question #10: Advice on how to advance from 6c to 7a and, hopefully, 7a+ (5.12a) while also playing (and training for) rugby? How to best train for both sports at a body weight of 80kg?

52:10 – Wrap up…How YOU can submit a question for the next episode of “Ask Coach Horst”. Visit my Twitter @Train4Climbing and leave a comment to the pinned “Ask Coach Horst” podcast.

53:00 – Teaser on the next episode of the T4C podcast on…Energy System Training Part #2. Don’t miss this episode on how to train more effectively!

Music by: Misty Murphy

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