If you’re passionate about improving your training, elevating your climbing, and advancing in other important life areas….then this is a must-listen podcast!

With the perspective of a new year’s renewal, Coach Hörst explains the power of making occasional training, climbing, and life “edits” in the quest for peak performance and a deeper sense of joy and happiness.


0:15 – Welcome

0:43 – Job Announcement. If interested, message Eric on Instagram @Eric_Horst

1:50 – The importance of “editing” — in writing…and in training, climbing, and living effectively!

5:35 – You are the author of your training (and life), so it’s essential that you act with intention!

7:45 – #1: EDIT your daily and weekly schedule to maximize time spent engaged in important activities.

15:15 – #2: EDIT your training to provide optimal results, not maximal fatigue.

25:24 – #3: EDIT your thoughts and self-talk to create a state of mind for massive action towards your goals.

34:05 – #4: EDIT your diet and nutrition to support energy, focus, strength gains, recovery ability, and injury resistance.

42:30 – #5: EDIT your stress levels. Strive to reduce (or eliminate) “bad stress”, while seeking out and embracing sources of good stress.

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50:30 – Closing comments on the power of climbing.

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