Jonathan Siegrist, AKA J-Star or “the architect,” finds success on the rock through his “sloth” style of climbing. His patience, technical precision, and ungodly endurance have allowed him to climb some of the world’s hardest routes and join the ranks as one of rock climbing’s greats.

Climbing Styles: The Architect (courtesy of Ascentionism) dives into the benefits of J-Star’s rhythmic pace. Similar to Tommy Caldwell’s style of climbing, he makes each move as efficient as possible. Micro-adjustments, tension, and precise hand and foot placements all play a role in his sloth style of sport climbing.

Unlike many other successful sport climbers, Siegrist climbs slower and more methodically to conserve energy. His consistent flow makes each move easier, lowering the need for raw power on a given route. Watch this informational clip and learn more about Siegrist’s “niche” style of sport climbing!

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