Treadwall Training - Cameron HorstI love my Kore Pro treadwall!

Despite having a decent-sized bouldering wall as part of my home training facility, the treadwall is the most frequently used single piece of training equipment save my Ultimate Hangboard!

A treadwall might seem superfluous for someone with access to a good lead wall or bouldering gym, but I say, emphatically, it is not! Let me tell you why.

When climbing on a bouldering wall or on roped gym routes, the natural approach is to focus on sending problems and routes, respectively. Climbing on a treadwall begs a different approachit’s more like an exercise machine on which you can employ various training protocols to elicit very specific physiological adaptations for elite-level gains. This empowers you to forget about sending…and instead focus on training for a highly distinct strength, endurance, or power adaptation.

Now let me be clear; as I point out in the two videos below, if you just mindlessly climb on a treadwall until you pump out (a common, but relatively ineffective approach), then you’re basically wasting your time on this amazing training tool. However, if you embark on a training program using some of the specific protocols detailed in the videos belowwell then, you’ve just stepped into 21st century training for climbing!

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Effective Treadwall Training for Aerobic Endurance & Power Endurance

In this video I present three effective interval training protocols for developing more aerobic endurance and anaerobic “power endurance”. Simply climbing until you “get pumped” isn’t so effective…but the three protocols detailed here are! Learn a LOT more about endurance and strength training for climbers in my energy system training podcasts here:

Treadwall Training Protocols for Developing Finger Strength and Power

In this video I detail three of the ways to use a treadwall in targeting the development of specific finger grip strength and power.

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