ACT climber training book Adjunct Compensatory Training for Climbers FREE eBook download!

A few of my German climbing friendsVolker, Dicki, and Patrick—have written a new eBook with the support of Adidas. They asked me to share with you the link for a free download!

When I clicked the link I was stunned. This is a beautiful 96-page eBook loaded with rehab and prehab exercises that can benefit every climber. It’s chock-full with photos and descriptions that will help you learn the exercises quickly.

No surprisethese guys know their stuff! Volker is a surgeon to the climbing stars and author of the climbing injury bible One Move Too Many. Patrick and Dicki are the authors of the best-selling Gimme Kraft training book, and they coach many top European climbers including Alex Megos.

So what are you waiting for? Download this bookit’s certainly worth $30 or more, but you can download it for FREE right here, right now!

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