Learn what to eat, how much water to drink, and what supplements you might take to enhance your day at the boulders or crags. Discover how to use climbing nutrition to support your projecting and sends!

You have been waiting all week to get out to get outside and climb! You’ve been training hard and your stoke is high to top some great boulders and/or take the sharp end up a few killer routes. Now that it’s “game day”, what can you do nutritionally to support—and perhaps enhance—your performance?

This content-dense FLASH edition of the T4C podcast will serve up actionable steps you can take, including how much water your should drink, the types and amounts of foods to consume, and possible ergogenic supplements that might give you an extra edge when climbing at your limit.


0:25 – Intro to “FLASH edition” #2 of the Training For Climbing podcast

1:30 – TOPIC: Performance nutrition for a crag day or bouldering session.

2:50 – Part #1 – How much water should you drink? This depends on many things, including the temperature and humidity, the length and rigor of your session, and your hydration status at the start of your climbing day. Listen in for details.

6:16 – Part #2 – What foods…and how much should you consume? This will depend heavily on the length and intensity of your bouldering session or climbing day. Learn Eric’s snack suggestions for sustaining energy throughout the day.

10:30 – Part #3 – What supplements, if any, might acutely enhance game-day performance? The list is short…but Eric reveals a few items that are proven to enhance strength and endurance among hard-working athletes.

16:36 – Wrap up and sponsor message.

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