In this episode of the Training Cafe, Coach Eric Hörst talks performance hydration and nutrition, and answers viewer questions on strength development, supplement use, and training session scheduling.

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0:10 – Introductory comments from home and discussion on all the various offerings from Training for Climbing: monthly Training for Climbing podcast, training content on, and other videos on the Training for Climbing YouTube channel

2:20 – How nutrition supports climbers in enduring hard training and achieving optimal performance

4:40 – Basics on crag day hydration needs

7:25 – Basics on crag day nutrition needs

14:25 – Supplements (like Crush and EndureX from PhysiVantage) for performance enhancement

24:00 – How to schedule endurance and power-endurance training sessions

29:15 – Climbing in Spain

30:00 – Antagonist muscle strength training

37:00 – How to improve velocity of movement in climbing

39:00 – Recovery from max strength training

40:45 – Best way to take Supercharged Collagen from PhysiVantage

43:50 – Final comments….HAPPY CLIMBING!

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