In this episode, I detail 7 Training, Performance, and Nutrition Mistakes Common Among Climbers. I’ll admit that I’ve been guilty of a couple of these mistakes in the past…and chances are that you are too. But by recognizing our flawed approaches we are empowered to make course corrections that can improve the effectiveness of our training in the short term and, over the long term, accumulate into a massive change in our ability to crush hard things and break new barriers!



0:15 – Welcome

0:50 – Introduction to the “7 Mistakes” that can compromise the quality of your training and blunt the performance gains

3:09 – Let’s get started…and elevate our training and climbing!

3:55 – Mistake #1: Not having an intelligent plan for each training session.

5:40 – Mistake #2: Making every workout a competition with yourself.

9:40 – Mistake #3: “Cramming” training before a weekend trip, competition, or longer road trip.

14:25 – Mistake #4. Training through injury. Listen to previous injury podcast on the “perfect storm” for getting injured.

22:28 – Mistake #5: Following someone else’s training plan (i.e. copy cat training)

25:35 – Mistakes #6: Training your strengths….ignoring your weaknesses.

31:35 – Mistake #7: Training hard and smart, but failing to get adequate sleep and proper nutrition to support your training.

39:02 – Bonus…Mistake #8: Engaging a various acts of self-sabotage.

42:00 – Summary thoughts.

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43:00 – Closing comments — Horst Out!

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