In this episode of the Training Cafe, Coach Hörst discusses dealing with summer climbing conditions and answers viewer questions including how to train glutes and hamstrings, how to tape for A4 injuries, how to get started with double workout days, and more!

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0:20 – Introductory comments from Lander, Wyoming with a review of the seasonal weather and updates on travel

1:30 – SIP COFFEE together — climbers around the world unite!

2:05 – World Cup comments and shoutouts 4:45 – Dealing with summer weather conditions


15:35 – Effective training for 2 and 3 finger pockets?

20:35 – Exercises to strengthen glutes and hamstrings?

23:00 – Best methods for wrist strength training?

25:00 – How to come back strong from an LCL injury?

29:30 – What do tender tips of the elbows mean?

33:30 – Tips for managing inflammation on the big toe?

34:35 – How to get started with double workout days?

40:45 – Comment of thanks for Maximum Climbing and How to Climb 5.12!

42:00 – What can I expect when trying EndureX for the first time?

45:45 – How to tape for A4 injuries?

49:40 – Final comments….HAPPY CLIMBING!

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