book-only-smallThere’s no such thing as too much power! –Wolfgang Güllich

“Wolfgang’s quote is still true for most climbers but we can help you: Gimme Kraft! contains many new power exercises using the campus board, sling trainer, rings, parallettes, boulderwall or just your body. We have a great cast of pro climbers to demonstrate the exercises in the book, including Fred Nicole, Sasha DiGiulian, Johanna Ernst, Bernd Zangerl, Babsi Zangerl, Fabian Christof, Guntram Jörg, Melissa le Nevé, Tsukuru Hori, Stefan Glowacz, and the one and only Alexander Megos—the first climber to onsight 9a! Read Gimme Kraft!, and you’ll gain motivation, strength, and power.” –Patrick Matros & Dicki Korb

This Gimme Kraft! trailer is truly inspiring, as it gives you a glimpse into the training techniques of some of the world’s top climbers. Check it out!

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