Despite being as intuitive and natural as walking or running, climbing can be a remarkably complex and demanding activity. Consider that the climbing gyms and crags of the world offer a playing field of infinite variation and demand for skilled performance. Compound this with the potential for adrenaline-releasing risk and the perplexing challenge of ascending a steep, intimidating wall, and it becomes apparent that that climbing is indeed a most complex sporting activity.

The goal of this podcast, then, is to provide a primer on the subject of skilled performance that will empower you to learn and develop climbing skills most effectively and rapidly. While the mass of climbers stumble through the maze of trial-and-error learning, your knowledge of how the brain wires motor programs and executes novel moves is a lever that opens the door to learning strategies for accelerating technical improvement…and progress into the higher grades!

Photo: Up Against the Grain, New River Gorge, WV. Hörst photo.
Music by Misty Murphy.

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