I was happy to do an extended interview with Neely Quinn of TrainingBeta.com, and we covered a lot of territory in the 1 hour and 14 minute podcast. Here are just a few of the things we touched on:

  • How to most efficiently train for different kinds of climbing
  • How my training–and training concepts–has evolved over the years
  • Whether or not to run as part of training for route climbing program
  • How long you should work on a project (how many goes) before taking a break for it (and training to get stronger)
  • How my sons, Cameron and Jonathan, train for climbing, and how they’ve become such balanced athletes and world-class youth climbers
  • When to train and when to climb, and how to not overdo it
  • My training concept of “stability before strength, and strength before power”…and how this can help you avoid injury

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