In this episode of Ask Coach Hörst…Eric answers 7 wide-ranging questions from listeners. Some of the topics covered are…energy system training for alactic power, climbing-specific aerobic energy system training, Tabata training on a hangboard, advice for a beginner wanting to hangboard train, the pros/cons of Ketogenic diet, accelerating healing of an A2 pulley injury.

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Podcast Rundown

4:57 – Question #1 – How important is a climbing-specific aerobic training block at the beginning of a training cycle?

9:42 – Question #2 – Can you provide me with tips on staying healthy and motivated…and supporting my longevity in climbing?

16:12 – Question #3 – How many exercises can I include in an alactic energy system training session for developing maximum strength and power?

22:30 – Question #4 – I’ve read about the Tabata training protocol and I’m wondering what you think of applying it to hangboard training…by alternating 20-second hangs with 10 seconds of rest?

27:50 – Question #5 – I’m new to climbing and I feel that my weak fingers are a limiting constraint. Do you agree with the common rule of “no hangboard training in the first year of learning to climb”?

32:44 – Question #6 – I’ve been on a ketogenic diet for the past 3 weeks, and I feel terrific! What’s your opinion the ketogenic diet and what are the pros and cons for a climber?

42:05 – Question #7 – I recently injured (mild pain) both of my middle fingers on a tweaky move. I’ve been doing light stretching and very light exercise to help support healing–what other things can I do to accelerate the healing process?

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