In this episode, learn how to effectively train for your project. Also a slew of  “your questions” answered!


1:00 – First, we sip coffee together!
1:25 – SHOUT OUT to Adam Ondra and Laura Rogora — IFSC 2020 Briancon World Cup winners!
2:20 – Eric’s comments on the World Cup finals…and Ondra’s sprint to the top!
Rich details on different considerations and strategies for effective training to send your bouldering, sport climbing, or big wall project.
10:00 – Energy systems training for your project…which energy system(s) are most important to target with training. Learn more >>
12:48 – YOU CAN’T CRAM when it comes to training for climbing.


20:00 – How many grams of fat should I consume per day?
22:35 – How many days per week can I do intense core training?
23:20 – When can I start training…after taking a 20-foot ground fall?
25:00 – How do I best train strength on a home bouldering wall?
27:25 – Can you recommend a great 5.12c for me to do at the Red River Gorge?
28:45 – Can I add some hangboarding and repeaters during my 2-week block of power-endurance training?
30:00 – Advice for A2 pulley rupture? Tips for A2 pulley recovery–in the case of a rupture, buy a ring splint immediately! Buy here for $25 >>
33:25 – What the research on collagen use for tendons…and how effective would this be for supporting the healing of climbing injuries? Learn more >>
38:40 – Eric comments on the benefits of Treadwall training.
39:25 – Shout out to the many companies that support what I do: La Sportiva shoes, Maxim Ropes, DMM, Organic, Friction Labs, and PhysiVantage
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