In this episode of the Training Cafe, Coach Eric Hörst talks about returning to training after a roadtrip or period of performance climbing, and answers viewer questions on warming up for finger training at home, how to build up a pyramid for harder projects, skincare for sore tips, and more!

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0:10 – Introductory comments from home

0:30 – SIP COFFEE together — climbers around the world unite!

0:55 – Shoutout to Seb Bowen

4:15 – Post-roadtrip training


14:10 – How to warm up well to train finger strength at home?

18:35 – Best way to heal a split tip?

22:05 – How much time off for finger injury recovery is too much?

25:50 – How to build up a pyramid for hard projects?

30:35 – How to make the skin on fingertips more resilient for climbing?

35:00 – Final comments….HAPPY CLIMBING!

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