Watch The Climbing Doctor, Jared Vagy, interview Eric Hörst on a wide range of important topics related to climbing training and injuries. Learn tips to reduce injury risk, improve your sloper grip, develop stronger shoulders, strengthen the posterior chain, support finger health, how to use auto-regulation and warm-up better, and much more!

Time Stamps

1:00 – Introduction and backstory of Coach Hörst. Comments about the best-selling Training for Climbing book, now in it’s third edition.

5:49 – General tips that help you lower injury risk

13:45 – The importance of a comprehensive warm-up before hard training and climbing. Eric describes his personal warm-up protocol, and how to use Auto-regulation to make training more effective.

29:13 – The importance of training the shoulders

35:15 – Go-to Exercises for the shoulders all climbers should know and use!

37:36 – Developing the posterior chain — learn how this can help with steep rock climbing performance.

46:15 – Wrist stability for the fingers — exercises to improve sloper grip and reduce injury risk.

50:46 – Final words, including the importance of “life balance” for staying a motivated, strong, and healthy climber for many years to come!

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