Mental training, tactics, and success strategies to persevere in challenging or extreme situations.

Climbers are drawn to the challenges and potential adversity of the steep. Great climbers embrace grand challenges–and almost certain adversity–in achieving hard and rare accomplishments. This podcast will equip you with five powerful strategies to leverage, in times of hardship and adversity, as you pursue big goals both in climbing and in your everyday life. And now in this era of COVID-19, you face risk and potential adversity at every turn…so don’t miss this powerful podcast–it’s an instant classic in the genre of mental training for climbing!


0:15 – Opening comments about the ongoing COVID crisis,  positive trends we’re seeing, and the hope for a summer climbing season.

2:20 – Shifting gears with this podcast away from physical training to important strategies for succeeding on challenging outdoor adventures. Learn the importance of the mental game–perhaps it’s exactly what you need to make the next grade?!

9:30 – Strive to become a Maximum Climber. Read the book. Pure gold!

10:00 – Introduction to the powerful topic of…persevering in the face of challenge…and overcoming adversity.

13:36 – The utility of PURSUING adversity….for recalibrating your brain and opening the door to great achievement. All legendary climbers have done it–Harding, Bridwell, Skinner, Hill, Caldwell, Honnold, Harrington, Ondra, and countless others.

22:05 – Embrace adversity…to learn, grow, build character, and “hardness”.

23:06 – FIVE powerful strategies for succeeding, despite hardship, and overcoming adversity.

23:16 – #1 Strive for Flexibility of Perspective – Become a spin doctor!

29:30 – #2 Use Optimism as a Tool…a mental lever to sustain a forward movement, trouble-shooting, belief in the end game, and finding a way to your goal.

32:04 – #3 – Become Reverse Paranoid! Believe that the universe is conspiring for your success…and that what you want, wants you! Stay aware for synchronicity and other clues from above.

36:36 – #4 Develop World-Class “Hanging-On Power”. Mental fortitude is a skill developed over years of striving for one more move, one more rep, one more day of work on the project…or whatever it takes to hang on to success!

40:45 – #5 Assume a Philosophical Forward-Looking Perspective. Powerful lessons from Tommy Caldwell, Jeff Batzer, and Hugh Herr.

49:05 – Closing comments on developing into a maximum climber.

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51:09 – Hörst Out!



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