Nothing is more elemental to climbing than fear. Therefore, to climb your very best — and to truly enjoy climbing — you need to become an expert fear manager!

The fears of falling, getting hurt, failure, embarrassment, and even the fear of the unknown…can be torturous and paralyzing. To climb efficiently and with confidence, you need to be able to assess and manage fear…which is the subject of this podcast.

If you haven’t already, do listen to Part 1 on Managing Fear (#62) before commencing with this concluding episode on the topic. Enjoy!

Podcast Rundown

0:15 – Welcome to Part 2 in our study of fear.

2:14 – A quick recap of Part 1…podcast #62. Listen here.

3:53 – FEAR #3: FEAR OF FAILURE. Ironically, fear of failure often results in failure!

6:10 – 3 strategies to eliminate the fear of failure.

6:20 – 1.) Acknowledge preparedness and training — it’s like money in the bank!

7:50 – 2.) Focus on the process — stay in the moment.

9:30 – 3.) Accept all possible outcomes before climbing. Then let go of the outcome-oriented thoughts and live out the climb, one move at a time. Read more on fear of failure >>

10:00 – It’s in climbing for yourself — win, lose, or hanging from a quickdraw — that you will climb your best!

11:38 – FEAR #4: Fear of Embarrassment and Criticism

13:10 – Strategy 1.) Use failures to learn and improve. Ignore the critics…and focus on being a DOER! This is one of the 8 Superpowers of the very best climbers–listen to the Superpowers podcast!

16:27 – Strategy 2.) Take on a bigger perspective — view your climbing performance over the long-term, not on a daily basis. Ups and downs are normal — you are NOT your failures!

18:12 – FEAR #5: Fear of the Unknown

21:21 – Strategy 1.) Accept and welcome the unknown–it’s a central part of the climbing experience!

23:41 – Strategy 2.) Anticipate and prepare for known, unknowns.

25:52 – Strategy 3.) Take control of self-talk and imagery.

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30:17 – Wrap-up with 11 powerful tips to assess and manage common climbing fears.

36:30 – Love climbing unconditionally!

38:00 – Final comments — PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW…and share this podcast with your friends!

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