In this introspective podcast, Eric details the vital role of improving your self-awareness in the pursuit of greater efficacy in the gym, at the crag, and in pursuing any important goal. Listen, apply…achieve!

Self-awareness is the ability to monitor your internal climate, comprising your thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions, as well as the quality of your actions in the gym, at the crag, and in pursuing your life goals. Improving performance in anything demands that you develop higher awareness in each of these areas. Only this way can you improve your efficacy, make beneficial course corrections, and elevate your performance.

In this podcast, Coach Horst details six areas to strive for increased self-awareness in order to pursue excellence in climbing…and beyond.



0:40 – Intro to leveling up your climbing in-season.

3:50 – It’s the mind that matters most when it’s “send day” for you at the boulders, crag, or in competition.

4:55 – Overview of self-awareness…and its importance in elevating performance.


11:53 – #1 is Self-Awareness of Your Thoughts

15:55 – Four techniques to exercise your self-awareness. Learn more about self-awareness and mental training for higher climbing performance in the book Maximum Climbing >>

18:00 – #2 is Self-Awareness of Body & Emotions

21:10 – #3 is Self-Awareness Your Strengths & Weaknesses

22:18 – Exercise: Click here to access PDF of a brief self-assessment to aid your self-awareness of climbing strengths/weaknesses

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24:36 – #4 is Self-Awareness of your Actions and Results

27:40 – Link to the previous podcast on Proprioception >>

31:00 – #5 is Self-Awareness of your Self-Image

34:!5 – Learn how to reshape your self-image with techniques detailed in Chapter 11 of Training for Climbing. Purchase a copy here >>

34:30 – #6  is Self-Awareness of Your Values.

35:20 – Exercise: Access a PDF to rank your values here >>

37:52 – Summary of tips and strategies to improve your self-awareness and elevate your performance.

40:50 – Final thoughts

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